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As the senior staff person, you have a powerful role in your board's success. This 55-minute audio workshop, narrated by Jim Brown of STRIVE!, will walk you through 50 ways you can maximize your impact in (and out of) the boardroom. That's fifty practical, bite-sized insights on how you can step into a new level of leadership—all compiled by a team of governance experts who have been on the ground long enough to see the long term effects of (what might seem like) simple shifts in thinking and behaviour.


In this training, unpack concepts such as:

1. Believe in the Power of a Great Board

2. Deliver

3. Shut Up

4. Make Heroes of Your Board Members

5. Hold Out for the Best

        ...and 45 more!

50 Ways the CEO Has the Biggest Impact on the Board

  • To enjoy this product, we recommend the following programs: iTunes for the audiobook format (.m4b), and iTunes or Windows Media Player for the CD format (.mp3). These programs can all be downloaded safely and legally online for free.

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