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Our Clients & Their Stories

We have the privilege of working with teams at organizations of all shapes and sizes throughout the world. We take great pleasure in the success their hard work has brought and are honored to share a few select stories.

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What People Are Saying About STRIVE!

"STRIVE! are like NINJA consultants—incredibly tuned to the group and deftly able to strike with penetrating questions to push us to perform. We'll never be the same since their help."


Bruce Cusack

"Whatever we paid STRIVE! wasn’t enough. I’ve done strategic planning with other groups before that normally take three days, or several meetings of huddling together. We got more done in one day than I have seen before in several sessions. We simply could not believe the progress and the value that STRIVE! added to our strategic plan."

Four County Labour Planning Board

Gemma Mendez-Smith

"Building the team with you was amazing. We had some difficult discussions about the future that only could have taken place with a team that trusted each other to an amazing extent. I am looking forward to seeing what our cohesive team can accomplish together."

Environment Canada

Sue Milburn-Hopwood

“Thank you very much for what you did these past two days.  I was very skeptical heading into the two-day session, thinking that it probably wouldn’t get us anywhere.  I think you did a FANTASTIC job at bringing the team together and helping us to facilitate future meetings in a productive manner. Thank you for helping me feel inspired today and for helping me to look at my workload with a slightly different feeling, like it’s not as overwhelming as I thought, as each thing is a small contribution towards a greater purpose.” 

Sudbury Credit Union

D. Korzeniecki, CFO

“I see a solid foundation already built and an energetic sense to ‘strive’ forward with our dream. Personally, I wish to thank you for all the help and guidance you have provided to us during these trying times. I know you were paid for this but I do believe that you went much further than was required, and you kept us focussed and steered us in the right direction. Without your help, I do not believe that we could accomplish so much in so little time.”

Northern Youth Services

Leo Thibeault, Board Member

"STRIVE! facilitates excellent discussions with lots of 'food for thought' to bring back to the board table. Our board has been strengthened today."

Turkey Farmers of Canada

Rose Olsen

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Case Studies

We help our clients achieve specific and measurable outcomes through our consulting practice. From breaking down silos to improving product speed to market to measurable improvements in EBITDA, our clients show significant change within their organizations.

Evonik Oil Additives Canada

Back in 2013, the executive team realized that they were struggling to work together effectively, which was coming through loud and clear to head office of Evonik Industries..

Commonwell Mutual Insurance Co

The CEO made it his personal goal to grow the company. The company was doing well outwardly, but inwardly was struggling with consistency, clarity, and trust...

Umicore Burlington

The plant manager and human resources position had experienced some turnover in recent years. There was also a sense of complacency that was creeping in...

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