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Equipping leaders for measurable change with guaranteed results.

Coaching for Boards & Teams​

When a leader grows, the whole organization can grow. Whether you're hungry for a better future or frustrated with failed attempts to create lasting change, everyone knows that a guide with in-depth understanding of leadership and an outside perspective could probably help. But how do you even know if it helped?

The bottom line in leadership development is that the only changes that count are the ones that key stakeholders can perceive.

Our coaches are certified by The Marshall Goldsmith Group in Stakeholder Centered Coaching, a specific method that helps senior leadership team and board members target exactly which few behaviors you can change that will make the biggest impact. The key is that we also involve stakeholders to measure the change. 


of the leaders who use our method improve.

A Proven Process with a 95% Success Rate

The Stakeholder Centered Coaching method provides us with REAL DATA. Compiling this data, we've learned that 95% of the leaders who involved stakeholders in their development process improved in their effectiveness.

How do we achieve this result? See the process below.


Identify Behaviors

Your Coach will guide you in determining which behaviors would make the biggest difference if you consistently performed them.

Business coach creating strategy chart
Business team or board of directors discussing coaching report


Involve Stakeholders

Bringing in stakeholders who can observe your behavior is the key to ensuring change is real and unbiased.


Initial 360 Survey

Change is only real if it's observable. Create a benchmark on how your stakeholders currently perceive the behaviors you have targeted.

Leader fills out survey on phone
two business leaders high five celebrating success


Ongoing Measurement

Collect feedback and feedforward from your stakeholders monthly. Look at the facts. Discuss progress and strategies with your coach.

Meet Our Coaches for Boards & Teams
Jim Brown, Board Behavior Coach

Jim Brown

Board Behavior Coach


For over 20 years, Jim has loved inspiring people to stretch for more in their professional and personal lives. With a passion for engaging people in the learning process, Jim has honed his facilitation skills with boards, executive teams, and small groups of all descriptions. His book, The Imperfect Board Member, continues as a best seller, allowing him to extend his flare for storytelling beyond in-person sessions to reach thousands around the world with a fable that both disarms and equips.


Jim has chaired and sat on boards for decades, and has observed every possible boardroom behavior over his years as a consultant. His abilities to calmly cut through the smoke in a room and understand the real issues at play are an asset in a coaching situation as well. His frank feedback and expert exploration into the behaviors at play have proven invaluable to many directors all over the world.


Working with Jim... you'll benefit from insights gleaned from thousands of board situations and directors. Your ability to better direct the organization and engage the rest of the board will not only be visible, it will be measurable.

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Margot Thompson, Leadership Team Behavior Coach

Margot Thompson

Leadership Team Behavior Coach


Passionate about individual, team, and organizational growth, Margot works to help her clients understand how their beliefs and behaviors impact their success. 


With senior leadership teams, Margot's skills are exceptional. A Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach, an MBTI Certified Master in Leadership Optimization, and an expert in team dynamics and personal interaction, she draws from an academic background in Organizational Psychology, International Development, and Sociology combined with years of executive team experience and running her own business. Her broad history working with organizations across industries and sectors, and specific expertise in organizational health transformation work, complements Margot's intuitive insight into individual leaders' strengths and the value they bring to their organization. Her clients achieve sustainable, measurable improvement. 


Working with Margot... you'll get very clear about how you are contributing to your organization's success, and how you will achieve even more impactful results through deepening self-awareness, sustainable, positive change in behavior, and strategic utilization of your unique strengths. 

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