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Gain a guide in your journey to governance excellence.

Governance Consulting

We start with where you’re at. The team at STRIVE! takes a conversational, relationship-building approach as we guide your organization through what can be thorny and contentious governance issues. Grounded in our models, we've supported organizations of all types and sizes as they've dealt with issues such as boards getting into operations, board/management conflict, difficult board members, lack of direction/focus, and financial crisis.

STRIVE! will work with and support you in identifying your specific governance issues/needs and provide you with proven principles and best governance practices to implement. Some topics and tools we can discuss are listed below.

Potential Topics

What does your board need most right now?

Let's talk.

"You walked the Board through some sensitive conversations with a great sense of empathy, and yet reason.  Thank you so much for your excellent facilitation."

Director, ONESTEP

The Imperfect Board Member

Now used as a part of the on-boarding process by directors around the world, The Imperfect Board Member is our best-selling governance fable through which we teach models and best practices that prove foundational to governance excellence. 

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