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About Us


STRIVE! started in the same place you may be right now. In 1995, we were more than a little frustrated. It seemed like everywhere we looked there was a glaring lack of leadership by boards and executive teams to create effective change. Even worse, resources for those who wanted help were scarce. So, in 1995, we committed to pursue practical wisdom for leaders, and to walk alongside those who want to engage for change in their organizations... and we called it STRIVE!.

In 2006, The Imperfect Board Member, authored by Jim Brown, quickly topped Amazon's charts and remains one of the top governance bestsellers of all time. The fable-style book for boards has been lauded both by those new to governance and by seasoned directors and CEOs.

The name of our consulting firm is based on our belief that striving for excellence is an important guiding principle for all organizations, including ours. Our passion and commitment is that leaders will lead so that organizations may succeed.

In 2020, Jim Brown and Margot Thompson started a new firm carrying on the heart of STRIVE! but with specific focus on organizational health and a vision for a future of helping leaders and companies through a network of collaborative professionals beyond the founders. Ralph Kikkert will continue to operate as STRIVE!, and Jim Brown, Margot Thompson, and Mary Lynn McPherson will operate under OrgHealth (

Our Consultants & Coaches

Downloadable PDF biographies are beside each name.


Ralph Kikkert

Consulting Partner

T: 905.512.0347

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Darren Bosch.jpg

Darren Bosch

Business Consultant, Certified Coach

T: 519.497.5873

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Lorraine Voorberg

Personal and Professional Development Coach

  • LinkedIn

T: 519.497.5873

T. 905.537.6985

T: 519.497.5873

Jim (2).jpg

Jim Brown

Consulting Partner

T. 519.823.3963 

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Margot (5 of 16)_edited.jpg

Margot Thompson

Principal Consultant and Coach

T. 519.239.7779

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ML 2022 side glance.jpg

Mary Lynn McPherson

Senior Consultant

T. 519.897.5575

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