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Find audio trainings, assessment tools, policy templates, and more below. Don't forget to check out our blog for free resources. 

The GEM Assessment for Boards

The GEM Assessment for Boards

The GEM Assessment for Boards is a powerful online tool that gives a board a snapshot of how well it is exercising the seven disciplines of governance excellence. Discover what everyone around your board table is thinking about your board’s effectiveness using this secure web-based platform. With only 40 questions in the survey, it takes an average of 15 minutes for board members to fill in. The debriefing exercise that follows will produce action steps, and many helpful tips for improvement are included in the full report. Boards that wish to be healthier will utilize this tool annually and track their progress with the Comparison Report. 


for one full board assessment report

(free 1-page report)

Online Team Assessment

Online Team Assessment

The online team assessment provides a tangible measurement tool based on the model described in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. With this team-based assessment, participants will learn how their team is doing in the five key behaviours: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results.

Since 2004, over 150,000 participants have gone through The Table Group's assessment. A variety of teams—from Fortune 500 executive teams, to NFL coaching staffs, to school principals and their teachers—have used and benefited from the assessment. With only 38 questions, this tool provides a targeted look at what's going well and what areas need attention.

$56.50 (USD)

per license (per person on the team)

The Imperfect Board Member

The Imperfect Board Member Book

The Imperfect Board Member is a leadership fable in the vein of Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Ken Blanchard’s The One Minute Manager—authors who have both endorsed Jim Brown’s book. Lencioni says, “Finally! A book about boards that isn’t boring!”

Readers have been pleasantly surprised that a topic that has been discussed so dryly comes alive in this refreshing book. In it, fictional CEO David Slater learns to interact with the board of directors of his publicly-traded company “Communitrek.” At the same time he joins a non-profit board of directors. Through challenges and plenty of mistakes, he discovers how to be an effective board member with guidance from fellow director and local pastor, Trevor McAllister.

The back section of the book summarizes and provides resources regarding the board governance principles illustrated through the fable, particularly The Secret Formula for Organizational Effectiveness and the seven disciplines of the GEM (Governance Excellence Model).

Available in hardcover, Kindle, and audio formats.

~$25 (USD)

for hardcover

50 Ways the CEO Has the Biggest Impact on the Board (Audio)

50 Ways the CEO Has the Biggest Impact on the Board

As the senior staff person, you have a powerful role in your board's success. This 55-minute audio workshop, narrated by Jim Brown of STRIVE!, will walk you through 50 ways you can maximize your impact in (and out of) the boardroom. That's fifty practical, bite-sized insights on how you can step into a new level of leadership—all compiled by a team of governance experts who have been on the ground long enough to see the long term effects of (what might seem like) simple shifts in thinking and behaviour.


In this training, unpack concepts such as:

1. Believe in the Power of a Great Board

2. Deliver

3. Shut Up

4. Make Heroes of Your Board Members

5. Hold Out for the Best

        ...and 45 more!

Listen to the Introduction in the player below.


*This product is a digital download that can be played in any media player.

Board Policy Templates

Board Policy Templates

STRIVE!’s Board Policy Template is a fully customizable set of foundational policies organized in the seven disciplines of the GEM. Ensure that your board’s roles and responsibilities are clear in all the essential areas so that better decisions can be made faster.  Your board’s accountability and follow-through will increase by keeping these policies top-of-mind. Due to different goals and terminology between different kinds of boards, we have three different versions available: for-profit boards, not-for-profit/charity, and church boards.

This document is created with Microsoft Word so that it can be easily edited. Preview a sample selection of the different policy template versions below (as PDFs).


TIP: Pair this product with a Policy Blitz for best results. (Ask us!)


Board Policy Template (Not-for-Profit Version)

Board Policy Template (For-Profit Version)

Board Policy Template (Church Version)

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